quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

Dreamweaver VS OpenSource

The biggest trouble when a programmer that works for himself and not for a company is the price of the programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver.
But have you ever consider OpenSource programs?
Adobe Dreamweaver has three major qualities that make it a great web design program:
1-Auto-complete on the "Code" tap when you creating a page.
2-Being able to see the output of your code without having to save the document.
3-A long and vast list of tools on the Design tap which makes our work very easier.

I must admit, it's hard to find a good OpenSource program with all those qualities, but the money you save it's worth it from my point of view.

For the Auto-complete part I think BlueFish is the best option. Even thought it doesn't support WYSIWYG content, it's auto-complete tool saves allot of trouble for those who only program and don't design. But it's only available to Linux, Mac and Unix platforms.

For those who are both designers and programmers I recommend using SCREEM or Quanta Plus. Their programming tools are considerable good and they have the ability to see how is the output without having to save the file. Both of them only for Linux, Mac and Unix.

For the last part I wasn't able to find any program that even matched Adobe Dreamweaver's Design tools. It has the best that is out there.